THE CANDY KIDS is the brainchild of artist couple Reba Massey and Ross Ryman.
In the Summer of 2014, they emerged with a focus on accessories.  
Their intention: to make affordable products that appeal to the kid at heart.

Currently still grass roots, they turn to Instagram as a vital tool. From learning their binky
choker is a favorite of Miley Cyrus to seeing trends they inspire in cyber space, social
media is how THE CANDY KIDS connect and grow their brand.

THE CANDY KIDS fun loving following is a wide range of types and ages but one thing they all share
in common is they were born ‘different’ and aren’t afraid to show it.  Whether it’s transgender
youth in Germany or fashion forward grannies in Tennessee, they are leaders who inspire
others to embrace their individuality and love themselves. THE CANDY KIDS couldn’t be more
excited about this response as their upcoming project, THE CANDY KIDS CARTOON, is for this
warrior as well! 

In addition to their accessories, THE CANDY KIDS also offers a range of creative services
including building installations/set design, graphic/web design, art direction, and styling.